Lead Vocal: Joy Frances
Music & Lyrics: Michael Dooley
Back-up vocals: Angelina Dunbar, Joy Frances, Christy Gibson, Michael Fogarty, John Listen
Acoustic piano and Keyboards: Michael Dooley
Electric Guitar/Bass guitar: Jono D’souza.
Drum programming and live Percussion: Jono D’souza.
Violins and Violas: George Assad, Mohammed Ali Abbas - Cello: Ali Musa.
Producer: Michael Dooley, Jono D'souza


Verse 1
Winter fires were burning bright,
Travelers journeyed in the night.
A husband led his weary wife through the falling snow
To a humble cattle stall,
Nowhere else to go.
Christmas in Bethlehem, many years ago.

Verse 2
There was born a baby boy,
Mother’s heart was filled with joy,
Shepherds heard the angel voices fill the night with song,
Wise men wondered at a star,
With strange celestial glow.
Christmas in Bethlehem, many years ago.

Verse 3
And in Bethlehem today
Children fear, yet still they play
While mothers cry and fathers pray for peace to come again.
And around the weary world echoes the refrain:
“Christmas in Bethlehem, when shall true love reign?”

Verse 4
One day soon the Prince of Love
Will return from skies above
And His pow’r shall overcome all pain a and tears and war.
Then shall songs of joy and praise
Ring out from shore to shore.
Christmas in Bethlehem, peace on Earth once more.
[Christmas in Bethlehem,]
Peace on Earth once more.



Intro: (Absus2)(Ab)-(Eb/Ab)-(Fm/Ab)-(E/Ab)(Ab)-(Eb/Ab)-(Fm/Ab)-(E/Ab)

Verse 1
(Ab)Winter fires were (Eb/Ab)burning bright,
(Db/Ab)Travelers journeyed (C/Ab)in the (Fm/Ab)night.
A (Db)husband led his (Ab/C)weary wife (Bbm)through the (Dbmaj7)falling (Eb)snow
(Eb)To a (Db)humble (Ab/C)cattle stall,
(Bbm)Nowhere (Eb/G)else (Db/F)to (C/E)go.
(Db)Christmas in (Absus2/C)Bethlehem, (Bbm)many (Ebsus4)years a(Ab)go.


Verse 2
(Ab)There was born a (Eb/Ab)baby boy,
(Db/Ab)Mother’s heart was (C/Ab)filled with (Fm/Ab)joy,
(Db)Shepherds heard the (Ab/C)angel voices (Bbm)fill the (Dbmaj7)night with (Eb)song,
(Eb)Wise men (Db)wondered (Ab/C)at a star,
With (Bbm)strange ce(Eb/G)les(Db/F)tial (C/E)glow.
(Db)Christmas in (Ab/C)Bethlehem, (Bbm)many (Ebsus4)years a(Fm)go.


Verse 3
(A)And in Bethle(E/G#)hem today
(D/F#)Children fear, yet (C#/F)still they (F#m)play
While (D)mothers cry and (A/C#)fathers pray for (Bm)peace to (Dmaj7)come a(E)gain.
(E)And a(D)round the (A/C#)weary world (Bm)echoes (E/G#)the (D/F#)re(C#/F)frain:
(D)“Christmas in (A/C#)Bethlehem, (Bm)when shall (Esus4)true love (F#m)reign?”

(E)-(Dmaj7)-(C#m7)-(Cm7)*-(Fsus4) [*or: (Cm9)]

Verse 4
(Bb)One day soon the (F/Bb)Prince of Love
(Eb/Bb)Will return from (D/F#)skies a(Gm)bove
(Eb)And His pow’r shall (Bb/D)overcome all (Cm)pain a and (Ebmaj7)tears and (F)war.
(F)Then shall (Eb)songs of (Bb/D)joy and praise
Ring (Cm)out from (F/A)shore (Eb/G)to (D/F#)shore.
(Eb)Christmas in (Bb/D)Bethlehem, (Cm)peace on (F/A)Earth (D7/F#)once (Gm)more.(Gm/F)
[(Eb)Christmas in (Bb/D)Bethlehem,]
(Cm)Peace on (Fsus4)Earth once (Bb)more.(F/Bb)-(Gm/Bb)-(Gb/Bb)-(Bb)

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