Lead Vocals: Gabriel, Angelina Dunbar, Angela, Mario, Michelle, Joy Frances
Music: Michael Dooley
Lyrics: Michael Dooley, Peter Gehr, Cathy Gehr
Producer: Michael Dooley

"AROUND THE WORLD" (with chords)

[Boy:] Who can tell me what the seven continents are? [Kids:] Let’s see, there’s Europe, and Asia, and Africa,
And North America, South America, Australia, and Ant(Db)arctica!)

Chorus 1
Around and ’(Db)round the world, wherever you may be, the children love to sing a happy(Ab7)melody.
You may be rich or poor, you may be dark or fair, but a happy(Gdim)smile is welcome(Db)any(Ab)where.
We may eat(Db)different foods, we may wear different clothes, but in our(Bb7)hearts there’s one thing
(Ebm)Everyone knows; that love is the(Edim)answer for(Fm)each boy and(Bb7)girl
(Ebm7)All around this(Ab7)big wide(Db)world. (Ebm7-Ab7)

Verse 1
In Europe(Db)where I live, we’ve lots of milk and cheese, and there are vineyards,
(Dbaug)Fruit orchards and(Gb)factories; there are(Ebm)buildings there from ancient history,
And I like(Eb)roast lamb, shepherd’s pie and(Ab)spaghetti.

Verse 2
The lands of(Db)Asia, that is where I come from. We make computers, toys and clothes for(Gb)everyone.
We like(Ebm)noodles, and fish, and grow a lot of rice. I(Ab)think you’ll find my countries very(Db)nice.

Verse 3
I come from(Gb)Africa; we have elephants, rhinoceros, gi(Db)raffes and zebras.
There are deserts, tere are jungles, and down(Gb)south you’ll find
Lots of gold and(Eb7)diamonds in the(Ab)mines. (Africa!)

Repeat Chorus 1
Verse 4
(Ab)In North A(Db)merica, which is where I come from,
We’re growing wheat and corn and(Dbaug)cotton(Gb)on the farms.
There are big(Ebm)cities, too, with buildings, oh so high! And I like hotdogs,(Eb7)hamburgers and(Ab7)apple pie.

Verse 5
(A7)In South A(D)merica we grow a lot of things: timber and rubber(Daug)trees, cocoa and(G)coffee beans.
We like to(Em)have fiestas where we dance and sing; I like to(A7)eat tortillas, tacos and(D)chili beans.

Verse 6
Here in Aus(G)tralia we have kangaroos, and emus and ko(D)ala bears.
Grazing in the countryside are(G)cattle and sheep; we’ve got(E7)deserts and beaches and a(A)big coral reef.

’Round and(A)’round the world, ’round and ’round the world, ’round and ’round and ’round the(Bsus4)world,(B)

Verse 7
But(G)who lives(G#dim)down in Ant(F#m)arcti(Bm)ca? I(G)hear that it’s(G#dim)frozen
(F#m)All through the(Bm)year. It’s(G)too cold for(G#dim)people like(F#m)us to ex(Bm)ist.
There’s(C)no one but penguins, seals and(A)scientists.

Chorus 2
Around and ’(D)round the world, wherever you may be, the children love to sing a happy(A7)melody.
You may be rich or poor, you may be dark or fair, but a happy(G#dim)smile is welcome(D)any(A)where.
We may eat(D)different foods, we may wear different clothes, but in our(B7)hearts there’s one thing(Em)everyone knows;
That love is the(Fdim)answer for(F#m)each boy and(B7)girl(Em7)all around this(A7)big wide(D)world.

(G)Love is the(G#dim)answer for(F#m)each boy and(A/B)girl,(B7)(Em)all around this(A)big wide(D)world!

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