Lead Vocal: Arthur Gilligan, Sean Oliveira, Michael
Music: Mark C. Olivieri
Producer: Emmanuel Gilligan

"SEE THE GOOD" (with chords)

Capo: 1st fret

Intro: D-B-A-F#-Bm-E-A-E

Verse 1

(A) There once was a man, whose (C#) name was Mutt,

His (D) best friend's (E) name was (A) Jeff.

(D) They got in(B)vited to go (A) out to a (F#) party,

But (Bm) first they (Dm) had to get (E) dressed.

(A) Mutt put on his (C#) brand new red necktie,

His (D) three-piece (E) suit and (A) vest,

And (D) then with a (B) smile he (A) walked out in (F#) style

To (Bm) show him(E)self to (A) Jeff.

(short interlude): D-B-A-F#-Bm-E-A-E

Verse 2

(A) "Look at me!", Mutt (C#) said to Jeffrey,

(D) "Tell me, what (E) do you (A) think?"

(D) While Mutt just (B) smiled, Jeff (A) thought for a (F#) while,

He (Bm) spied a (Dm) missing (E) link!

(A)"Ah, well, Mutt, I (C#) like your new necktie,

And your (D) three-piece (E) Sunday (A) best,

"But (D) me-oh-(B) my, what's (A) caught my (F#) eye

Is the (Bm) button (E) off your (A) vest!"

Chorus 1

(A7) Jeff didn't (D) have (Dm) a bad in(A)tention, (A7) he (D) just (Dm) forgot to (A) mention

There was (D) so much (B) more of all the (A) good that he (F#) saw--

He could have (Bm) brought it to (E) Mutt's at(A)tention!

(musical interlude): D-B-A-F#-Bm-E-A-E

Verse 3

(A)"Mutt, ol' buddy, ol' friend, (C#) may I recommend

A (D) friendly (E) helping (A) hand?"

A (D) stitch-in-(B) time will help you (A) look just (F#) fine,

In (Bm) fact, you'll (Dm) be quite (E) grand!"

With an (A) artistic flair, and the (C#) greatest of care

From a (D) truly (E) caring (A) guy,

Jeff just (D) did what he (B) could, Mutt was (A) looking real (F#) good,

And he (Bm) even felt (E) good (A) inside!

(short interlude): D-A-D-B-E

Verse 4

(A) Now Mutt felt shy, and al(C#)though he tried,

He (D) found it (E) hard to (A) speak.

(D)"Jeff, (B) how (A) can I (F#) repay you?  (Bm) That sure was (Dm) mighty (E) sweet!"

(A)"Aw, don't mention it, friend!  But should it (C#) happen again,

I'll (D) do what I (E) really (A) should:

I'll keep my (D) eyes more (B) on the (A) positive (F#) side and (Bm) reflect more (E) on the (A) good!"

Chorus 2

(A7) Let's try to (D) see (Dm) the good in (A) others!

Your (D) sisters (Dm) and your (A) brothers,

(D) Aunties, (B) Uncles, (A) Daddies and (F#) mothers,

Let's (Bm) try to keep our (E) eyes on the (A) good!

Repeat Chorus 2

(A-A7-D-Dm-E) Eyes on the good! (A)

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