Lead Vocal: Cathy Gehr
Music & Lyrics: Cathy Gehr
Backing vocals: John Listen - Guitar: Cathy Gehr
(Vocal arrangement: Abishai (John Notes), Abimelech, John Listen - [Paris 1974]
Producer: John Listen


Chorus 1
Seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds.
We need, need God's Word seeds.

Verse 1
Some seeds are hard,
Some seeds are soft,
Some seeds fall to the ground.
Some seeds grow slow,
Some seeds grow fast,
Some seeds almost fall to sleep.

Repeat Chorus 1

Verse 2
Travel on water, travel by air,
Travel on the backs of animals.
Many different shapes, many different forms,
Many different kinds of colors are …

Chorus 2
Seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds.
We love, love God's Word seeds.

Verse 3
Don't be quick to judge the seeds.
Time is the great tester.
Every heart needs a special seed
To grow in many different kinds of weather.

Chorus 3

Read, read God's Word seeds.

Verse 4
God created many different seeds
To plant in the different hearts of men,
So all may choose to know God's love,
And all come together in the end in a …

Chorus 4
Big, big, big, big Seed!
A big, big, big Word seed
Is what they need,
Not a weed, but a seed is what they need.
Not a weed, but a seed is what we need to
Feed, feed, feed, feed, feed.
Seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds, seeds to
Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep.


"SEEDS" (with chords)

Intro: (Am7)-(D7)-(Am7)-(D7)

Chorus 1
(Am7)Seeds, (B7)seeds, (Em)seeds, (A7)seeds, (D)seeds.
We (Am7)need, (B7)need (Em)God's (A7)Word (D)seeds.

Verse 1
(Em7)Some seeds are (A7)hard,
(Em7)Some seeds are (A7)soft,
(Em7)Some seeds (A7)fall to the (D)ground.
(Em7)Some seeds grow (A7)slow,
(Em7)Some seeds grow (A7)fast,
(Em7)Some seeds (A7)almost fall to (D)sleep.

Repeat Chorus 1

Verse 2
(Em7)Travel on (A7)water, (Em7)travel by (A7)air,
(Em7)Travel on the (A7)backs of (D)animals.
(Em7)Many different (A7)shapes, (Em7)many different (A7)forms,
(Em7)Many different (A7)kinds of (D)colors are …

Chorus 2
(Am7)Seeds, (B7)seeds, (Em)seeds, (A7)seeds, (D)seeds.
We (Am7)love, (B7)love (Em)God's (A7)Word (D)seeds.

Verse 3
(Em7)Don't be (A7)quick to (Em7)judge the (A7)seeds.
(Em7)Time is (A7)the great (D)tester.
(Em7)Every (A7)heart needs a (Em7)special (A7)seed
To (Em7)grow in many (A7)different kinds of (D)weather.

Chorus 3
(Am7)Read, (B7)read (Em)God's (A7)Word (D)seeds.

Verse 4
(Em7)God cre(A7)ated (Em7)many different (A7)seeds
To (Em7)plant in the (A7)different hearts of (D)men,
So (Em7)all may (A7)choose to (Em7)know God's (A7)love,
And (Em7)all come to(A7)gether in the (D)end in a …

Chorus 4
(Am7)Big, (B7)big, (Em)big, (A7)big (D)Seed!
A (Am7)big, (B7)big, (Em)big (A7)Word (D)seed
Is (G)what they (D)need,
(G)Not a (D)weed, (G)but a (D)seed is (G)what they (D)need.
(G)Not a (D)weed, (G)but a (D)seed is (G)what we (D)need to
(Am7)Feed, (B7)feed, (Em)feed, (A7)feed, (D)feed.
(Am7)Seeds, (B7)seeds, (Em)seeds, (A7)seeds, (D)seeds to
(Am7)Sheep, (B7)sheep, (Em)sheep, (A7)sheep, (D)sheep.(G)-(D)

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