Lead Vocals: Maria Fe Alexander, Theresa Alexander
Music & Lyrics: Billy Blanco Jr., Jeremy Spencer


Verse 1
I hadn't been very much with my Mommy;
She was tired, so in her room she would stay,
'Cause the baby that was there in her tummy,
Mommy told me, could be born any day.

Verse 2
Everyone in my house was so busy,
All around was as tense as could be.
Even Daddy seemed to be in a tizzy.
No one paid much attention to me.

[Will the baby be taking my place?]
I had to know.
[Will there not be enough space,
And they'll have to tell me to go?]
I felt so low, and I worried so!
[Would they still want me?]
[Would they still want me?]

Verse 3
So my Mom asked me how I was feeling,
Since I'd stay pretty much on my own.
So I told her I was afraid she won't need me
Any more, once the baby was born.

Bridge 2
She smiled, and looked in my face,
And said, [My son, nobody could take your place.
You'll always be a special one, and it'll be fun,
So much to be done, 'cause the baby will need you.]
[Baby will need you.]

And so now I can't wait for the baby,
'Cause I know how much he will need me!

Baby is going to need me,
Is going to need me!


"BABY IS GOING TO NEED ME" (with chords)

Intro: (F)-(C)-(F)-(C)-(F) (F)-(C)
(F)-(C)-(F)-(C)-(F) (F)-(C) (G)

Verse 1
I hadn't (C)been (Dm)very much with my (C)Mommy;(Dm)
She was (C)tired, (Dm)so in her room she would (G)stay,(F)
'Cause the (C)baby (Dm)that was there in her (C)tummy,(Dm)
Mommy (C)told me, (Dm)could be (G)born any (C)day.(G)-(F)

Verse 2
Every(C)one (Dm)in my house was so (C)busy,(Dm)
All a(C)round (Dm)was as tense as could (G)be.(F/G)
Even (C)Daddy (Dm)seemed to be in a (C)tizzy.(Dm)
No one (C)paid (Dm)much at(G)tention to (C)me.(G)

(F)[Will the baby be (C)taking my place?]
(Dm)I had to (G)know.
(F)[Will there not (C)be enough space,
(Dm)And they'll have to (E)tell me to (Am)go?]
(Am/G)I felt so (F)low, and I worried (C)so!
(F)[Would they still want me?]
[Would they still want me?]

(C)-(G)-(C) (Dm)-(Em)-(G)-(F)

Verse 3
So my (C)Mom (Dm)asked me how I was (C)feeling,(Dm)
Since I'd (C)stay (Dm)pretty much on my (G)own.(F)
So I (C)told her (Dm)I was afraid she won't (C)need me(Dm)
Any (C)more, (Dm)once the (G)baby was (C)born.(G)

Bridge 2
(F)She smiled, and (C)looked in my face,
(Dm)And said, [My (G)son, (F)nobody (C)could take your place.
(Dm)You'll always (E)be a special (Am)one, and (Am/G)it'll be (F)fun,
So much to be (C)done, 'cause the (F)baby will need you.]
[Baby will need you.](G)

(C)-(Dm)-(Em)-(Dm) (C)-(Dm)-(G)
(C)-(Dm)-(Em)-(F) (C)-(Dm)-(G)

And so (C)now (Dm)I can't wait for the (C)baby,(Dm)
'Cause I (C)know (Dm)how much (G)he will need (C)me!(G)

(Dm)Baby (G)is going to need (F)me,(C)-(F)-(C)-(F)(F)-(C)
Is going to need (F)me!(C)-(F)-(C)-(F)(F)-(C)

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