Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Dave Mendoza


I shouldn’t sing about You

Though that’s just all I can do

So maybe I’ll just cover up

& make this sound like soda pop

Some jingle from the TV slop

Cause I shouldn’t sing about You


I shouldn’t sing about You

Though You’re all I know that’s true

So maybe I’ll just drop Your name

Before I put myself to shame

& I will be the one to blame

cause I shouldn’t sing about You


I shouldn’t sing about You

Though there’s some folks who just do

Scream “Hallelujah,” sing & shout

Tell all the world what they’re about

I wonder how come they’re allowed

When I shouldn’t sing about You



(Am7) Maybe I can make You a big (G) myste(F)ry

So  no one has to know what it is I believe

I don’t know if I’m bold enough to tell the world about Your love

After all, they’re smart enough to figure out what You’re about

Let the others sing & shout, I’ll hide my talents in the ground


I shouldn’t sing about You

Some folks just shirk when I do

Cause You’re just so unpopular

You’re all else but a superstar

They all say it would go too far

If I kept on singin’ ‘bout You


I shouldn’t sing about You

But there’s nothing else I can do

So let’em try to wipe me out

I simply can’t help sing & shout

Aah, Jesus, You’re what life’s about

I can’t stop singin’ but You


And on & on & on & on

Till all those jerks are finally gone

I’ll keep on singin’ ‘bout You

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