Lead vocal: Niki Rudow
Music and Lyrics: Phillip Johnson
Produced by: Phillip Johnson, John Listen


Verse 1
When a sense of failure, like a dark rain cloud,
Comes and looms above my head;
When I'm filled with remorse 'cause I have been too proud
And some foolish thing I've said;
When discouragement hits me from behind,
Casting negative thoughts into my mind;
When the whole world seems unkind,

I start falling, falling,
Falling to my knees.
I start calling, calling,
"Jesus, help me please."

Then He comes like a friend, and the ice He breaks.
Then He comes with His love to forgive my mistakes.
Then He comes like a King, & I want to obey
When He comes like a lover and kisses all my tears away,
Kisses all my tears away.
I start falling, I start falling in love with Jesus.

Verse 2
When I doubt my beliefs, and I believe my doubts;
All my good deeds are in vain;
I'm an unworthy servant;
I'm a daughter of shame;
When I murmur and complain;
When the cares of this life start to quench my fire;
When I start to look back at the mud and the mire;
When I just don't feel inspired,

Repeat Refrain

Repeat Chorus

"I START FALLING" (with chords)

Capo: 2nd fret

Verse 1
When a (Em)sense of (G)failure, like a (A)dark rain (Em)cloud,
Comes and (A)looms a(G)bove my (A)head;(Em)
When I'm (Em)filled with re(G)morse 'cause I have (A)been too (Em)proud
And some (A)foolish (G)thing I've (A)said;(Em)
When dis(Bm)couragement hits me (Em)from behind,
Casting (Bm)negative thoughts in(Em)to my mind;
When the (D)whole world seems un(G)kind,(A)

I start (Bsus4)fall(Bm)ing, (G flated 5th)fall(G)ing,
(Esus4)Falling (Em)to my (A)knees.
I start (Bsus4)call(Bm)ing, (G flated 5th)call(G)ing,
"(Esus4)Jesus, (Em)help me (A)please."

Then He (Bm)comes like a friend, and the (Em)ice He breaks.
Then He (A)comes with His love to for(D)give my mistakes.
Then He (Bm)comes like a King, & I (Em)want to obey
When He (F#m)comes like a lover and (Bm)kisses all my (F#m)tears away,
(Bm)Kisses all my (F#m)tears away.
I start (G)falling, I start (A)falling in love with (Em)Jesus.

Verse 2
When I (Em)doubt my be(G)liefs, and I be(A)lieve my (Em)doubts;
All my (A)good deeds (G)are in (A)vain;(Em)
I'm an (Em)unworthy (G)servant;
I'm a (A)daughter of (Em)shame;
When I (A)murmur (G)and com(A)plain;(Em)
When the (Bm)cares of this life start to (Em)quench my fire;
When I (Bm)start to look back at the (Em)mud and the mire;
When I (D)just don't feel in(G)spired,(A)

Repeat Refrain

Repeat Chorus

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