Lead Vocal: Emmanuel Gilligan
Lyrics and Music: Emmanuel Gilligan
Producer: Emmanuel Gilligan


Verse 1
Summer days in golden fields,
Cultivating my own plan.
To the Father's ways
I ceased to yield;
Just wanted to be my own man.
So I said, "Hey,
Where's my pay?
I'm going far away
Toward the neon lights
Where sensual sounds and sights
Will fill all these restless nights."

Chorus 1
The highway was wide
And free feeling.
I just had to go out there and see
For myself
Why the other side
Was so appealing
For prodigal, prodigal me.

Verse 2
Licentiously sly imitation,
Only this one ain't for free,
Pretentiously shy invitation
To a harlot's company.
One penniless morning,
And with no warning,
A thirst was killing me
From the poisons I drank.
My new friends' stares were blank.
Was I free?
I don't think so.

Chorus 2
I was so glad
To be free wheeling.
How'd I come to such misery?
Friends I thought I had
Were only stealing
From prodigal, prodigal me.

Such a prodigal, prodigal me.

Bridge 1
One day it's parties and feasts,
The next, I'm surrounded by beasts,
And I think I recognize some faces. -
In the mire that's where I learned:
Play with fire, you'll get burned.
And where, oh, where of all places
Could I turn?

Chorus 3
Could there be grace?
Could there be healing?
Right now, alive is all I dream to be.
I will pray for a place,
Oh, while kneeling
For prodigal, prodigal me. --

I was as good as dead,
Cold and underfed.
You were my only Friend,
Gave me a home again.

Chorus 4
And yeah, I found grace,
And I found healing.
I was so blind, but now I can see
Your Fatherly face,
Your forgiving feeling
For prodigal prodigal me,
Prodigal, prodigal me,
Prodigal, prodigal me.

"PRODIGAL ME" (With Chords)

Intro: (G)-(Bm)-(G)-(Bm)

Verse 1
Summer (Bm)days in golden (G)fields,
(A)Cultivating my own (E)plan.
To the Father's (Bm)ways
I ceased to (G)yield;
(A)Just wanted to be my own (E)man.
So I said, (Bm)"Hey,
Where's my (A#/Bm)pay?
I'm (D7)going far a(A)way
Toward the (A#)neon (F)lights
Where sensual (A#)sounds and (F)sights
Will (G)fill (A#)all these restless nights."

Chorus 1
(F)The (A)highway was (D)wide
And free (G)feeling.
(Bm)I just had to go out there and (A)see
For my(F)self
Why (A)the other (D)side
Was so ap(G)pealing
For (F)prodigal, (A)prodigal (G)me.


Verse 2
Licentiously (Bm)sly imi(G)tation,
(A)Only this one ain't for (E)free,
Pretentiously (Bm)shy invi(G)tation
(A)To a harlot's compa(E)ny.
One penniless (Bm)morning,
And with no (A#/Bm)warning,
A (D7)thirst was killing (G)me
From the (A#)poisons I (F)drank.
My new friends' (A#)stares were (F)blank.
Was I (G)free?
(A#)I don't think so.

Chorus 2
(F)(A)I was so (D)glad
To be free (G)wheeling.
(Bm)How'd I come to such mise(A)ry?
(F)Friends (A)I thought I (D)had
Were only (G)stealing
From (F)prodigal, (A)prodigal (G)me.

(Bm)Such a prodigal, prodigal (G)me. (Bm)

Bridge 1
One day it's (Bm)parties and (G)feasts,
The next, I'm sur(Bm)rounded by (G)beasts,
And I (D)think I recognize some (A)faces. (F)-(A)
In the (Bm)mire that's where I (G)learned:
Play with (Bm)fire, you'll get (G)burned.
And (D)where, oh, where of all (A)places
Could I (F)turn?

Chorus 3
(A)Could there be (D)grace?
Could there be (G)healing?
Right now, a(Bm)live is all I dream to (A)be. (F)
I will (A)pray for a (D)place,
Oh, while (G)kneeling
For (F)prodigal, (A)prodigal (G)me. (Bm)-(G)-(Bm)

I was as (G)good as dead,
Cold and (Bm)underfed.
You were my (G)only Friend,
Gave me a (Bm)home again. (F)

Chorus 4
And (A)yeah, I found (D)grace,
And I found (G)healing.
I was so (Bm)blind, but now I can (A)see (F)
Your (A)Fatherly (D)face,
Your forgiving (G)feeling
For (F)prodigal (A)prodigal (G)me,
(F)Prodigal, (A)prodigal (Bm)me,
(F)Prodigal, (A)prodigal (G)me.


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