Lead Vocal: Fabio Jayme
Stephen: Keyboards and Vocals
Rachelle Spring: Violin and Vocals
Marcelo Mandarino: Drums and Percussion
Malaquias: Guitar
Post Produciton Contributions: Emmanuel Gilligan, Augusto Carreira


I can't see, two feet in front of me
But as long as you're in the drivers seat, I believe
Cuz I remember times I tried to run my life without You
And now I know, the only reason I'm saved

Angelic You, over me
When I had no chance You freed me

I won't walk across that line without You, with me
I won't take another step without You, to lead
Cuz I could never see what would've happened
If you weren't there by my side covering me

And it's You I bow my head, when I pray
At night when I sleep

Angelic You

Angelic You over me
When I had no chance you freed...

And it's You I bow my head when I
Pray at night to sleep

Angelic You

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