Album: Active and Lovin' It  |  Song lyrics to: SINCE YOU TOUCHED ME

Composed by: Somesh Thakur
Lead vocals: Richard Hanson and Dawn
Back-up vocal: Jasmine
Produced by: Somesh Thakur

Verse 1:
(Female:) I was so young and carefree
(Male:) My whole life was in front of me
(Both:) But then I tried to do it on my own
Till I was lost and alone
(Male:) When my way I couldn't see
(Both:) Then You came to me

Chorus 1:
(Both:) Since You touched me
Since You moved me
My heart's overwhelmed by Your Love
(Female:) Since You loved me
Reached down for me
(Both:) Your light shone on me
In the dark
(Female:) Then You held me
Your Word spoke to me
(Both:) Since You touched me
And healed my heart

Verse 2:
(Male:) Though it seemed I'd lost all I had
(Female:) Though it seemed like it all was turning bad
(Both:) Yet it was worth it all
Each heartache and fall
(Male:) When I opened my eyes to see
(Both:) I had a treasure beyond measure
It was Your love for me!

Chorus 2:
(Both:) Since You touched me
Your love changed me
Your arms carried me through the storms
(Male:) Come now, take me
Mold me, make me
(Both:) Take my heart and more
For I'm Yours
(Male:) Now You've won me
Your words freed me
(Both:) Since You touched me
And healed my heart
(Male:) Since You found me
(Female:) Your love's around me
(Both:) Since You touched me
And healed my heart

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