Album: Active and Lovin' It  |  Song lyrics to: Soul thing

Composed/Produced by: Emmanuel Gilligan
Lead vocal: Emmanuel Gilligan

Verse 1:
Hey, I don't give a lot of thought, To what is now in vogue
I'd rather be a rebel, And I'd rather be a rogue
And I don't loose a lot of sleep, 'bout whether I fit in
I think of where I'm goin', And forget about where I've been

Refrain 1:
You've got to loose yourself to gain, A Love too good to be explained

Chorus 1:
'Cause it's a.....Soul thing, A soul thing
I want the whole thing, Yeah, it's a soul thing

Verse 2:
Now, you can climb up ladders, 'til you're all hooked on the heights
Play with snakes & adders, Get addicted to the bites
But when it comes a crashing down, All around your ears
Who's gonna light your way across, These darkened coming years?

Refrain 2:
I'll put myself in Jesus' hands, Even when He's contraband

Chorus 2:
'Cause it's a.....Soul thing, A soul thing
Now, don't you want the whole thing?
(The whole thing) (I know I do)
It's a soul thing, Aahhh (x4)

I'm not talking 'bout a dead thing, It's more than just a head thing
Still, it is the smart thing, So listen to your heart strings
(It's a soul thing)

Verse 3:
Now, I can hear the pompous, And the pious disagree
"It's about keeping all of our traditions, To the T"
Holy this & holy that, So holier than thou
If that liar is a holy man, Well, that bull's a holy cow

Refrain 3:
It's enough to raise a little wrath
But don't throw the baby out with the bath

Chorus 3:
No, it's a…Soul thing (Soul) (It's a soul thing)
It's a soul thing (A soul thing)
I want the whole thing (I want the whole thing)
The whole soul (It's a soul thing)
Soul (It's a soul thing)
Yeah, it's a soul thing (A soul thing)
A whole lot of soul (I want the whole thing)
It's a soul thing, soul thing
(Soul thing)

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