Album: BACK TO THE BASICS  |  Song lyrics to: DAVID'S CHILDREN

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Michael Fridley
Producer: Dave Mendoza


Blind Children
Just don't see that they're being sold
-Oh so cold
No one's showed them another way to go,
Oh so blind -children-
They don't hear the empty words they speak
Can't they see love is more than kisses on the cheek.
It's a sad -story-
What ever happened to the lost ideals
Standin' up for the truth they know is real

Oh but David's Children
Together they have found another way
-Found that love is the dues you have to pay
Dropped into reality to stay
Happiness is possible today
David's Children are love.


"DAVID'S CHILDREN" (with chords)

(G)-(C)-(G)-(C)Blind (G)Children(C)
(G)Just don't see (C)that they're being (G)sold
(C)-(G)Oh so (C)cold(F6)
(C)No one's showed them (F6)another way to (Em)go,
Oh so (G)blind (C)-(G)children(C)-(G)
They don't hear the (C)empty words they (G)speak
(C)Can't they see (C)love is more than (F6)kisses on the (Em)cheek.
It's a (G)sad (C)-(G)story(C)-
(G)What ever happened (C)to the lost (G)ideals(C)
(C)Standin' up for the (F6)truth they know is (Em)real(G)-(C)-(G)-(C)

Oh but (G)Da(C)vid's (G)Children(C)
(G)Together they have (C)found another (G)way
(C)-(C)Found that love is the (F6)dues you have to (Em)pay
(C)Dropped into (F6)reality to (Em)stay
(C)Happiness is (F6)possible (G)to(C)day
David's (G)Children (C)are (G)love.

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