Album: BACK TO THE BASICS  |  Song lyrics to: PRINCE OF PEACE

Lead Vocal: Dave Mendoza
Music & Lyrics: Ruth Selah
Producer: Dave Mendoza


God only knows the years I've spent
Trying to tell you of the love
That He has tried to give to man
But you've all hardened your hearts
Your eyes are closed, your ears are deaf
But if you reach out now He'll give you a hand.

Oh He's the Prince of Peace, no He'll never die
No He'll never leave you even if you try to hide
It's time for you to turn around
And see Him face-to-face
Know that it was not in vain He died.

What's the use in striving
For passing earthly pleasures?
Laying up for yourself what can never satisfy
You wander from city to city
Looking for friends that really love you
But what can you expect
From people who are lonely just like you?

[Repeat Chorus]

There's a whole new life waiting
It's a gift of God
Let Him free you from yourself
Take His hand and come along
The road is narrow but we'll make it by His grace
We're all in it together
Seeking for a heavenly place.

[Repeat Chorus]


"PRINCE OF PEACE" (with chords)

(G)God only (C)knows the years I've (G)spent
Trying to (C)tell you of the (G)love
That He has (C)tried to give to (D)man
But you've (C)all hardened your (D)hearts
Your eyes are (B)closed, your ears are (Em)deaf
But if you (Am)reach out now (C)He'll give you a (D)hand.

Oh (G)He's the (C)Prince of Peace, no He'll (D)never die
No He'll (G)never leave you (C)even if you (D)try to hide
It's (C)time for you to (D)turn around
And (B)see Him (Em)face-to-face
(C)Know that it was not in vain He (D)died.

What's the (G)use in striving
For (C)passing earthly (D)pleasures?
Laying (C)up for yourself what can (D)never satis(G)fy
You (C)wander from city to (D)city
Looking for (B)friends that really (Em)love you
But (Am)what can you ex(C)pect
From people who are (D)lonely just like you?

[Repeat Chorus]

There's a (G)whole new life (C)waiting
It's a (D)gift of God
Let Him (G)free you from your(C)self
Take His hand and (D)come along
The (C)road is (D)narrow but we'll (B)make it by His (Em)grace
We're (Am)all in it to(C)gether
Seeking for a (D)heavenly place.

[Repeat Chorus]

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