Lead Vocal: Emmanuel Gilligan
Music & Lyrics: Emmanuel Gilligan
Producers: Emmanuel Gilligan, Fabio Jayme


Intro: F#m-A-F#m-D-F#m-A-F#m-D-F#m

Verse 1:
I have (A) laboured, I have (F#m) savoured
The (D) life You brought to (A) me
I have wandered, & (F#m) pondered
'Bout my (Dm) choice, my desti(E)ny
You in(A)spire a de(A7)sire
To some (D) good accomp(F)lish
& I (A) would not have it (F#m) my way
Keep it (D) as You (A) wish (F#m-D-F#m)

Verse 2:
I have (A) stumbled & (F#m) tumbled
Way (D) down this rocky (A) steep
To the (A) rescue, You're the (F#m) best, You
Keep me (Dm) safe, You never (E) sleep
Without You (A) life's an empty (A7) river
& I'd (D) be one drowning (F) fish
Keep me (A) in your deep, deep (F#m) love now,
Keep it (D) as You (A) wish (F#m-D)

I see it clear when I (Dm) look at days gone (A) by (A7)
I face to(D)morrow's fear, You (Dm) stop & ask me (A) why

Chorus 1:
(F#m-E) Why is the sun still (D) shining?
(F#m-E) Why do the birds still (D) sing? You say,
(F#m) Look up a(E)bove, there's a silver, silver (D) lining
(F#m) & know you are (E) loved by the (D) King!

Interlude: A-F#m-D-A-F#m-D

Verse 3:
In Your (A) hour, with all Your (F#m) power
You (D) refused the easy (A) way
That was so like You, wish I was (F#m) like You
So (Dm) teach me what to (E) say
I've been (A) scheming, never (A7) dreaming
That (D) I'd be saying (F) this:
I'm giving You (A) my will, I'll say (F#m) "I will"
Keep it......

(F#m-E-D x4)

I want You, I need You to keep it.....as You wish

Chorus 2:
& You say....
(F#m-E) Why is the sun still (D) shining?
(F#m-E) Why do the birds still (D) sing?
I (F#m) keep it, (E) keep it,
(D) Oh, don't you fret, no, &
(F#m) Don't forget your (E) Father owns every(D)thing!


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