Lead Vocal: Emmanuel Gilligan
Music & Lyrics: Emmanuel Gilligan
Producer: Emmanuel Gilligan


Verse 1:
(Am) All my skies have turned to (G) gray, oh
& (Em) Victory would come a sweet sur (Am) prise
(Am) Troubles growing by the (G) day, oh
So (Em) help me see each day straight through Your (C) eyes
To be (C7) wise
And recog(C) nize

Chorus 1:
It's all (Dm) good,
It's all a (C) part of Your (G) plan
All (Dm) good,
For Your ways are so much (C) wiser than (G) man's
It's all (Dm) good,
Your thoughts so much higher than (C) Heaven a (G) bove
All (Dm) good,
And You do everything in (Am) love

Verse 2:
(Am) My world's come tumbling down on (G) me, oh
& (Em) from distress I've got no place to (Am) run
(Am) But You always set me (G) free, oh
(Em) And when all is said & all is (C) done,
For every (C7) one
That You call a (C) son

Chorus 2:
It's all (Dm) good,
Hey!  It's all a (C) part of Your (G) plan
All (Dm) good,
My times & my seasons are (C) all in Your (G) hands
It's all (Dm) good,
It's the (C) best time I've (G) had
All (Dm) good,
So, I will be (Am) glad!

Verse 3:
(Am) Sometimes, my coffee isn't (G) perfect
But (Em) other days, I must say that it (Am) is
& I have learned it isn’t (G) worth it
To (Em) carry loads my Father says are (C) His
If life is a (C7) quiz
You are the (C) whiz,
& worrying is not my biz!

Chorus 3:
It's all (Dm) good,
For You have got a (C) positive (G) style
All (Dm) good,
You want for me just to (C) sing with a (G) smile
It's all (Dm) good,
It's all good, it's the (C) best time I've (G) had
All (Dm) good,
So, I will be (Am) glad!
I will be glad!
I will be glad!

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