Band: thEthereal


Verse 1:

God help me see, life through your eyes
God help me be, a beacon of light
God break me apart, shape me again
God burn my pride, possess me, possess me

My eyes can't see, an enemy as a friend
my ears cant hear, curses as blessings
my hands can't touch, fire without burning
my heart can't love, a man who lost his heart


how can you make me be like you
how can I love the unlovable forgive the unforgiveable
please help me see life as you do
please burn my mind, help me think like you

Verse 2:

See this fire this flame, is yours to carry
throughout this journey, I’ve called you to take
I am counting on you, don't let me down
I know you are lost, just know that I love you

I see great rewards, waiting here for you
I honour you my soldier, you're the one I need
Fight this war 'till the death, let my will control you
I know it's hard, just know that I love you

Chorus 2:

I know that you can't see the reason
I know that you don't understand don't comprehend
it hurts and I know, I’ve wept through it all too
trust in me my love, hold me tight just don't let go

please don't cry I’m here, I will protect you
please don't run away, not know my love just hold on tight
please can't you see, I’m crying 'cause I love you
you're my son my baby, I will never leave you



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