Band: thEthereal


Verse 1:

See I this bursting raging fire from veins your
it's spitting drops out of blood burning within deep
know don't don't feel alive am I dead gone insane
confusion mess disaster is all believe I can in
drugs coke hash pot give some me now or I kill you will
head mine hurts god think I not can least at I know


I’d deliver you from these spirits of addiction,
I know your heart is pure and I bleed for your cry
my heart is yours you know, won't you stop this pain in me
please call out to me I am here to save you
my heart is breaking apart won't you please come back to me
come back to my arms for I cannot live without you
please return won't you see that

am dying
am dying
am dying
am dying

Verse 2:

these drugs they've killed the man in you they've made a slave
they now have control over you, they tell you what to do
realize the insanity, of the feeling of it all
step out before its too late, or let these plants kill you
you can stop you will stop if only you let me help you


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