Album: COLLISION OF DIMENSIONS  |  Song lyrics to: WHY

Band: thEthereal



At times I stop and take a look at the mirror, that mirror that gives us all a picture of what we look like, but that mirror does not show us or give us a clue of what we look like on the other side, on the side where things really happen, the side where all things are possible


Please hear my cry
why can't you see
pull the veil aside
and see reality


Verse 1:

Standing beside me are the spirits who cry
spirits who live on the other side
begging and pleading us to realize
desperately warning of the danger we hide
we fear and ignore what we don't understand
killing the spirit inside the man


Verse 2:

Living in shadows of things to come
a speck in eternity a speck in the sun
wasting precious time on temporal things
blind to realities of things unseen
under the curse of original sin
hearts are desperately wicked without him


Verse 3:

Placing our faith on this physical plane
foolishly ignorant we live without shame
gullibly swallowing the lies we are told
our senses are number to events that unfold
efforts misplaced and judgment misconstrued
hopelessly helpless to tell lie from the truth


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