Album: THETHEREAL - SINGLES  |  Song lyrics to: SUSANNA


Verse 1:

every tear i dropped was meant to be true
sincere were all the words that i ever said to you
and though sometimes i didn't say the words “i love you”
please forgive me baby ‘cause i was so confused
and i would give the world just to see your face today
buried deep within my heart you will always stay


you were my dawn my sun my moon my sunset
and of all the stars you shone the brightest
you took away my sanity so blissfully
and all the while you fought the darkness
and if there's one wish that i could make come true
it would be to say i love you

Verse 2:

and babe it's a shame that things had to end this way
despite my patient suffering you took my heart away
i gave you everything i had but you could not be free
can’t you see the pain i bled was meant for you and me


Verse 3:

in gratitude i bow my head and breathe this melody
i put the past behind me and set your spirit free
i turn this chapter of my life and close the book on you
soaring like an eagle from this cage my heart is loosed

chorus 2

before i close my mouth and cease to breathe
i wanna whisper in your ear
come closer now and let me hold you near
i wanna tell you something dear
that in spite of all the pain that i went through
i still really love you

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