Album: MANNYGAMZ  |  Song lyrics to: MAGIC LAND

Lead Vocal: J. Gomonez
Music & Lyrics: J. Gomonez
Producers: J. Gomonez, Dave Mendoza


If you want me to be your lover

Just let me hold your hand

And I will take you, where the lovers

Dance in the magic land

Chorus: And there are places

I want to show you

Just close your eyes and we’ll be there…

We’ll be there.

Well anyway, if you happen not to know me

Still I’d like to hold your hand

And I will take you where the lovers

Dance in the magic land.

Repeat chorus

Now if you want to know me better

Just let me whisper in your ears

I’m the lover of all lovers

And I will love you forever more

And there’re more words

I want to tell you

Just listen, and I’ll be there….

I'll be there.

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