Album: MICHAEL SKYLARKE - SINGLES  |  Song lyrics to: IT'S SO EASY

Lead Vocal: Michael Skylarke
Music & Lyrics: Michael Skylarke
Producer: Michael Skylarke


Intro: (Em)-(F#)-(Bm)-(Em)-(F#)-(Bm) x2

If you want to be (Em) happy(F#)

Here’s what you gotta (Bm) do

Take that little bit of (Em) love now (F#)

That belongs to (Bm) you

Take it from the (Em)heart (F#)

And give it all (Bm) away

And soon you’ll find (Em) that love

Will just (F#) come back to (Bm) stay


It’s so (Em) simple it’s so (F#) easy

Though to (Bm) most it seems absurd

That Love could (Em) be the one (F#) solution

In this (Bm) complicated World

It’s so (Em) simple it’s so (F#) easy

But if you (Bm) think it can’t be

You just (Em) have to try it (F#) out

To find (Bm)out

(Em)-(F#)-(Bm)-(Em)-(F#)-(Bm) x2

Si tu veux être plus (Em) heureux (F#)

Voici ce qu’il faut (Bm) faire

Prends ce petit peu d’ (Em) Amour (F#)

Que tu as dans ton (Bm) cœur

Commence à le (Em) donner (F#)

Tout autour de (Bm) toi

Et tu verras (Em)

Plus tu en (F#) donnes

Plus tu en (Bm) auras


C’est (Em) facile c’est si (F#)simple

C’est pas (Bm) tellement compliqué

Non tu ne dois (Em) pas me croire

Mais (F#) seulement l’essayer (Bm)

C’est (Em) facile c’est si (F#) simple

Il (Bm) suffit de donner

Un peu (Em) d’Amour

Pour voir (F#) ton monde (Bm) changer

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