CD CREDITS: Guitar/Keys: Masaya Rider, Bass: Steven McNair,
Drums & Percussion: Steven McNair & Mike Marrington
Sound Design/Mixed: Steven McNair
Produced/Lyrics: Strawberry Jam


I've got the party, You want the party
Everyday's a party when you know variety
You want it new, Well here's some news
What you gotta do is change it up entirely

Change chainbuster
Bust brain chains down
Hey there's a new way to play the game now
SBJ getting crazed in the break down
Can I get some spare change now

Wanna be a butterfly
Walking like a catapillar
Spin into my cocoon and very soon Im’a bloom
Know I gotta change my mind
Know Im gonna have to push the lines
Gotta do what it takes to make it fly

I'm all in motion, Are you in motion
Do the locomotion like a fish inside the ocean
Do you need space, For a comfortable place
Well the most uncomfortable place for a Christian is a comfortable place

I know you know you don't got an option
The choo choo train is leavin so get on or start walkin’
Change is not a monster that you need to be afriad of
It is the magic mystery all shiny things are made of

Your dancing with a partner, I'm dancing with a parter
Both of us are looking at each other’s partners
You want to change, I want to change
Come on man, let’s change partners

If you wanna stay alive (Then then get into)
Have a dream inside (Don't kill it, execute it!)

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