CD CREDITS: Guitar/Keys: Masaya Rider, Bass: Steven McNair,
Drums & Percussion: Steven McNair & Mike Marrington
Sound Design/Mixed: Steven McNair
Produced/Lyrics: Strawberry Jam


The rhythm is deep the music is a miracle tonight
She comes to me just at the edge of clarity and bends my mind
She is beautiful as she burns her way through my body
This is my soul losing control
She is unusual, I have to chase her, I have know

Spirit rise upon this dark and starry night
Pour the oil on this burning lullaby
As her light begins to climb into the sky, she is the one
The one and only midnight sun

Take control of me, leave your fingerprints on me, mamasita
Burning in these walls I can feel your pulse, bumping through the speaker
She makes me crazy, I am bold, I am anything
Her love makes me invincible
She is amazing, I hear her calling, I have to go

Midnight sun won't ever set, she keeps on rising
In our hearts and souls the Holy Spirit keeps on moving
Freedom to do anything she asks of me, irrational

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