Album: CRAZED IN THE BREAKDOWN  |  Song lyrics to: ANGEL

CD CREDITS: Guitar/Keys: Masaya Rider, Bass: Steven McNair,
Drums & Percussion: Steven McNair & Mike Marrington
Sound Design/Mixed: Steven McNair
Produced/Lyrics: Strawberry Jam


The politics and the magic tricks
The city lights, and the emptiness
I never felt like I belonged to this
And there’s a fix for every mood
Looked through the list for one that soothed
This aching heart that beats out this troubled tune

I’ll need an angel to get me through
I’ll need an angel to love me like you do
I’ll need an angel an angel just like you

I can’t go and I can’t stay
I’ve lost my color inside the gray
And I am one of this crowd that feels this way
And I believe in what you teach
That faith can move mountains in the sea
Seems I have more than mountains in my way

Even when my grip is slippin’
I’m needin’ you to keep on holdin’
You got what I need
And I’ll believe that someone loves me
If you believe in me

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