CD CREDITS: Guitar/Keys: Masaya Rider, Bass: Steven McNair,
Drums & Percussion: Steven McNair & Mike Marrington
Sound Design/Mixed: Steven McNair
Produced/Lyrics: Strawberry Jam


Do you wanna be a shaker, Do you wanna be a big world-changer
Do you wanna do you wanna,
Do you wanna go along with me
Are you gonna be a sleeper, Or are you gonna get up and be a leader
Are you gonna are you gonna,
Are you gonna take a leap with me
Are you gonna complain, taking a break, Waiting for a spank to make you
Move on from your momma,
You ain't gonna get it all for free
Are you on the get-go, Are you ready for the rhythm, then let's go
Do you wanna do you wanna,
Do you wanna do the 1 2 3

I got dance, I got life
It's your chance to get up and make it happen tonight
I got love, I got change
Step on stage and take your place under the spotlight

Are you gonna wanna get in your armor, Or are you gonna graze and be lazy like a llama
Well come on now, well come on now
Everybody say si si si
Are you gonna be a faker, Saying one thing and doing another onev No uh uh, I say uh uh,
I ain't gonna go down broadway
Are you nuts for Jesus, Or are you nuts that blow in the breezes
Go bananas, go bananas,
Meditate in a banana tree
Are you gonna be a screamer, Out-shouting for those who will hear ya
Be a stunner, be a stunner,
I wanna hear everybody say

I know it's hard to understand but the best never come cheap
Why've you only ever been Superman in your sleep
Stop waiting for the perfect time to come alive, you know
The perfect time is always just a little while ago

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