Lead Vocal: Richard Hansen
Music & Lyrics: Somesh Thakur
Producer: Somesh Thakur


Pretty la(G)dy,
I’ve seen you (Am) pass this way back (D) home every(G)day,
You feel an (Am) emptiness with(D)in
That (G) just won’t (G/F#)go a(Em) way;
And you (Am) try to smile
As you (D) walk on by
But when (F) you’re alone you (D) cry. (D7)

Pretty la(G)dy,
You have a (Am) lot of friends around (D) you all (G)day;
Yet no one (Am) hears you softly (D) pray,
As you (G) search on (Gmaj7) in the (Em) crowds: (Em7)
Does (Am) someone care
Or (D) understand?
Do they (F) even have time to (D) spare?

Bridge 1:
(G)I know the way you feel in(Am)side
All the tears you try to (Em) hide,
Tho’ on your (EmMaj7) face you wear a (D) smile.
(G)People rushing down the (Am) street
Everybody that you (Em) meet
Busy (EmMaj7) getting more and more (D) things.
(G)They don’t realize that all that money (Am) buys
Never satis(Em)fies
And in the (EmMaj7) end they wonder why
They’re still (D) empty!
Pretty la(D7)dy!

Pretty la(G)dy,
You seem to (Am) have all you (D) need material(G)ly
And yet you (Am) ponder silent(D)ly:
What (G)beauty(G/F#)fies the (Em) soul?
For each (Am) cosmetic change
Has (D) little range
And in the (F) end it takes its (D) toll. (D7)

Pretty la(G)dy,
There is a (Am) price you gotta (D) pay to win ac(G)claim
& even though (Am) people know your (D) name
Some(G) how it’s (Gmaj7) not the (Em) same
Round and (Am) round the track
You’re a(D)bout to crack
Who’s the (F) real winner in this (D) game?         

Bridge 2:
(G)There’s a Love knocking at your heart’s (Am)door,
Have you heard the sound be(Em)fore?
You’ll be (EmMaj7) loved as you’ve never (D) been!
(G)Real love that comes from Heaven’s (Am) Home,
And as you share it you will (Em) glow
And you’ll (EmMaj7) watch it overflow,
Happy and (D) free!
Pretty la(D7)dy!

Pretty la(G)dy,
There is a (Am)beauty you can (D)have that never (G)fades
While all the (Am)glittering pa(D)rades
And (G)shallow (GMaj7)masque(Em)rades (Em7)
Will (Am)fade away
Yet (D)what will stay
Is the (F)love that you give a(D)way! (D7)

Repeat Bridge 2

Pretty la(G)dy!

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