Lead Vocal: Stephen
Music & Lyrics: Stephen
Producers: Peter, Stephen


E – E/A – E – A

(E) See the man
With his (A) head in his (E) hands
He (C#m) opened up his (G#m) heart
And he was (A) turned away

That young (E) lady
Right (A) beside you on the (E) street
She’s (C#m) got everything she (G#m) wants
Yet she (A) cries herself to sleep

I see her (C#m) searching
I see her (A) hurting
Oh I see her (E) looking for something
Something new to (B) feel
I see her (C#m) crying
She’s always (A) trying
Will you (E) love her
Or pass her right on (B) by

C#m – A – C#m

Meet the (E) waiter
Well he’s (A) given up on (E) love
He always (C#m) looked (G#m) outside
When (A) inside wasn’t (Am) good enough

And all the (E) while
His cries (A) fill up my (E) ears
He can’t (C#m) hold on much (G#m) longer
I can’t (A) hold back my tears

Cuz he’s (C#m) searching
He’s (G#m) hurting
He’s (A) looking for
Something he can (E) feel
Can you see him (C#m) crying
He’s always (G#m) trying
Will you (E) love someone
More than your(B)self
Just for (A) Me

(F#m) Cities full of (C#m) lonely souls
(Bm) Countless people (F#m) losing hope
I need (E) you to shine a (F#m) light
I need (E) to open their (A) eyes

C#m – A – E – B
A – C#m – Bsus4 – B

So many (C#m) searching
There’s so many (A) hurting
Oh everybody’s (E) looking for something
Something they can (B) feel
Can you hear them (C#m) crying
They’re always (A) trying
Will you (E) someone
More than your(B)self
Just for (C#m) Me

A – C#m – A  

Just for (C#m) Me

A – C#m – A (ad libidum)

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