Album: SONNY HARPER  |  Song lyrics to: ANGEL'S PASSION

Lead Vocal: Sonny Harper
Music: Igor Moscveen
Lyrics: Sonny Harper


Look around you and, see the sky,

Pulsing colors bright.

A cathedral of, natural light,

It’s an ancient sight.

Lucid pathway through,

velvet heavens that,

Stems the cosmic tide.

Crystal vases of,

Angels passion,

The doors are open wide.

Passage over the, falling stars,

Heaven’s ripe with love.

No regrets when you, find that’s what,

You were thinking of.

And You’ll have a new name,

Have a clear mind,

Have a weight off your shoulder.

There will always be time,

Always be a way,

Always be clear.

Let your dreams of love embrace you,

Let the myth of fear dispel.

Harmony and understanding.

Harmony and understanding.

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