Album: SONNY HARPER  |  Song lyrics to: LOVE WILL FIND A WAY

Lead Vocals: Sonny Harper, Pauline Harper
Music: Igor Moscveen
Lyrics: Sonny Harper


Lonely tears have washed my face.

So many years without embrace.

I make this promise.

True love will find you.

I’ll give you help from above.

Don’t stop believing,

Let me unbind you

I’ll bring you comfort and love

Closed my heart, I closed my eyes.

Never thought the sun would rise.

Love was lost to my mind,

Never thought that I’d find.

Though it’s hard I’ll find a way,

To keep believing one more day.

I pray to God I’ll find a way.

Love takes time and patience

Love’s course – always true.

Though its not smooth,

Love will take us home.

Hope is born, you caught my eye.

Heart un-torn, I feel alive.

This is my secret:

Patience and time,

All will turn out as it should.

Look to the heavens,

Music and rhyme.

Love will make everything good.

Saw you there, your eyes aglow.

Felt you cared, you’ll never know

How your smile cheered me,

When you walked on near me.

Though it’s hard I’ll find a way,

To say the things I want to say.

I know that love will find a way.

I know that love will find a way.

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