Album: SONNY HARPER  |  Song lyrics to: RIVER

Lead Vocal: Sonny Harper
Music: Igor Moscveen
Lyrics: Sonny Harper


River, river, my life is just like a river.

Flowin’ movin’, just like I saw in a dream.

River, river, I’m movin’ on like a river.

Bendin’ turnin’, I’m movin’ on like a stream.

Lovin’, growin’,

We’re movin’ forward together.

Carin’, sharin’,

fulfillin’ our destiny.

Troubles and fears,

We know they’re not going to shake us,

Splashin’, crashin’,

We’re flowin’ wild and free.


Is not a word that can break us,

Lovin’, growin’,

fulfillin’, our destiny.

And if we hold to the course that leads us,

One day we’ll meet at the shores of that sea;

Where we’ll unite and be always brothers,

In that bright land, we’ll live eternally.

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