Composed by: Sam Halbert
Lead vocal: Jim Rudow
Produced by: Michael Fogarty


Intro: (Em)-(C)-(D)-(A)-(Em)-(C)-(D)

Verse 1:
I was (D) goin’ down the (Bm) road
Looking for a (G) way to (A) travel
Asking (D) questions
Of (Bm) every(G)body I’d (A) see
Asking (D) questions of (Bm) people
Who (G) didn’t know the (A) answers
(G) Tossed like a (A) ship
On a (G)-(A) troubled (D) sea

Verse 2:
I (D) looked around and (Bm) saw people
(G) Hating each (A) other
They said (D) climbing up the (Bm) ladder
Of suc(G)cess is what to (A) do
But they (D) didn’t know what to (Bm) say
When they (G) ran into (A) trouble
All their (G) money and suc(A)cess
Just (G) could not (A) pull them (D) through

Chorus 1:
They’re (Bm) making modern (G) weapons
That they (D) say are to pro(Bm)tect us
But if (Bm) they ever (F#m) use them
They’ll (G) blow the world a(A)part
I kept (Bm) looking for a (G) way
To (D) put a stop to all their (Bm) fighting
To (G) bring peace to the (A) world
And (G) peace to (A) my own (D) heart

Verse 3:
Well, I’d (D) crammed my head with (Bm) knowledge
From (G) many books and (A) teachers
So (D) many facts and (Bm) figures
Had (G) cluttered up my (A) mind
But (D) deep down in(Bm)side me
My (G) life was still so (A) empty
I knew there (G) had to be an (A) answer
Some(G)where that (A) I could (D) find

Verse 4:
I found that (D) happiness is (Bm) not
In a (G) big pile of (A) money
A new (D) car, a pretty (Bm) girl
Or a (G) fancy diamond (A) ring
I needed (D) something that’s for (Bm) real
That an (G) atom bomb couldn’t (A) bother
(G) Something in(A)side me
That could (G)-(A) set me (D) free

Verse 5:
One (D) day I finally (Bm) realized
That the (G) answer I was (A) seeking
Was (D) more than this (Bm) world
Could ever (G) offer any (A) man
So I (D) opened up my (Bm) heart
And I (G) asked the Lord to (A) come in
And (G) that was the (A) day
A whole new (G) life for (A) me be(D)gan

Chorus 2:
I hear (Bm) lots of people (G) talking
They all (D) say they know the (Bm) answers
But if (Bm) they know what they’re (F#m) doing
Why are they (G) so afraid to (A) die?
Now the only (Bm) thing that I (G) can tell you
That (D) ever made me (Bm) happy
Was when (G) I came to (A) Jesus
And He (G) gave me (A) peace of (D) mind
Yes, the (D) only thing that (Bm) I can say
That (G) ever made me (A) happy
Was when (G) I came to (A) Jesus
And He (G) eased my (A) troubled (D) mind

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