Album: SOMEONE SENT US HERE  |  Song lyrics to: MUST BE A REASON

Composed by: Sam Halbert
Lead vocal: Gabe McNair


Intro: (C9)-(Db9)-(D9)-(D)-(C)-(G)

Verse 1:
(C9)-(Db9)-(D9) Must be a reason
(D) For us a (C) bein’ (G) here (C)-(G)
(C9)-(Db9)-(D9) And I can see that
(D) The end is (C) really (G) near (C)-(G)
(D) You’re lookin’ for (A) answers
(D) And tryin’ to (A) find
(D) A reason for (A) livin’
(G) And a reason for (D) dy(A)in’

Verse 2:
(C9)-(Db9)-(D9) It looks to me like
(D) It’s still the (C) same ol’ (G) thing (C)-(G)
(C)-(Db9)-(D9) Don’t you kinda wish that
(D) You had a (C) different song to (G) sing (C)-(G)
(D) What are you (A) doin’?
(D) Don’t you want to (A) change?
(D) You know you might be losin’ (A) somethin’
(G) You can never re(D)ga-a-(A)ain

Verse 3:
(C9)-(Db9)-(D9) Gotta let your mind go
(D) Don’t hang (C) on to vani(G)ty (C)-(G)
(C9)-(Db9)-(D9) You can hear the wind blow
(D) But it’s, it’s somethin’ (C) you can’t (G) see (C)-(G)
(D) The truth ain’t in (A) money
(D) It’s all gonna (A) burn
(D) And it ain’t gonna be (A) funny
(G) When it comes your (D) tur-ur-(A)urn

Verse 4:
Just come to (G#) Jesus (A#) right (D#) now
(G#)-(A#)-(D#) You know He (G#) loves you any(A#)how
(G#) You don’t have to (A#) die
(G#) And there ain’t no good reason
(A#) Why (G#) you can’t be (A#) free
(G#) Not just for now, (A#) but for eterni(D#)ty
[Slide from D# chord to F# barred]
(F#) For eterni(D#)ty. (F#) For eterni(D#)ty

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