Album: CHRISTMAS BEAT  |  Song lyrics to: BABY JESUS

Lead Vocal: Cherish Ryder
Music & Lyrics: Traditional
Producer: John Freeman


Baby Jesus went to sleep on a bed of hay;
In a manger soft and deep, Baby Jesus lay.
Mother Mary tucked Him in, warmed His tiny feet;
Sang a lullaby to Him, ”Sleep, my baby, sleep.”

Repeat Verse


"BABY JESUS" (with chords)

Intro: (D)-(D/C#)-(D/B)-(D/A)-(G/A)-(D)
(D)Baby (D/C#)Jesus (D/B)went to (D/A)sleep (G/A)on a bed of (D)hay;
(D)In a (D/C#)manger (D/B)soft and (D/A)deep, (G/A)Baby Jesus (D)lay.
(D)Mother (D/C#)Mary (D/B)tucked Him (D/A)in, (G/A)warmed His tiny (D)feet;
(D)Sang a (D/C#)lulla(D/B)by to (D/A)Him, (G/A)”Sleep, my baby, (D)sleep.”
(D)-(A/C#)-(Bm)-(D/A) (G/A)-(D)
Repeat Verse
(D)-(A/C#)-(Bm)-(D/A) (G/A)-(D)

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