Lead Vocal: Jerry Paladino
Lyrics: Joseph Mohr
Music: Franz Gruer


Silent night! Holy night! All is calm, all is bright
Round yon virgin mother and Child,
Holy Infant, so tender and mild.
Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace.

Silent night!-
Holy night! Shepherds quake at the sight;
Glories stream from heaven afar,-
Heav'nly hosts sing, "Alleluia!
Christ the Savior is born! Christ the Savior is born!"

Si-ilent night!
Ho-oly ni-ight!
Son of God, love's pure li--ight.
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace.
Jesus, Lord at Thy bi-irth,
Jesus, Lord at Thy birth.

Hallelu, halleujah!
Silent night! [Silent night!] Holy night!
All is calm,--all is bri-ight
Round yon virgin mother and Child,
[Holy Child!]
Holy Infant,
So tender and mi-ild.
Sleep in heavenly pe-eace,
Sleep in heavenly peace. [Heavenly peace!]
Sleep in heavenly pe-eace.
Sleep in heavenly peace. [Heavenly pe-eace!]
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace.


"SILENT NIGHT" (with chords)

(Ab)Silent night! Holy night! (Eb)All is calm, (Ab)all is bright
(Db)Round yon virgin (Ab)mother and Child,
(Db)Holy Infant, so (Ab)tender and mild.
(Eb)Sleep in heavenly (Ab)peace, sleep in (Eb)heavenly (Ab)peace.

(Ab)Si(Dbsus2/Ab)lent (Ab)night!(Dbsus2/Ab)-(Ab)
Ho(Dbsus2)ly (Ab)night! (Eb)Shepherds quake (Ab)at the sight;
(Db)Glories stream from (Ab)heaven afar,(Eb7/Bb)-(Ab7/C)
(Db)Heav'nly hosts sing, (Ab)"Alle(Dbsus2/Ab)lu(Ab)ia!
(Eb)Christ the (Eb7)Savior is (Ab)born! Christ the (Eb)Savior is (Ab)born!"

(A)Si-(D/A)i(A)lent (A/E)night!(C#m/E)-(D/E)
(E/A)Ho-(F#m/A)o(A)ly (C#m7/F#)ni-(F#m7)ight!
(Bm7/E)Son of (E)God, (D)love's pure (A/C#)li-(E7/B)-(A7)ight.
(D)Radiant beams from (A)Thy holy (A9)face(A7+5)
(D)With the (D#dim)dawn of re(A/C#)deeming (F#m6)grace.
(Bm)Jesus, (E9)Lord at Thy (A)bi-(Dmaj7)irth,
(A/E)Jesus, (E)Lord (D/E)at Thy (A)birth.

(A)Halle(C#m/G#)lu, halle(C/G)ujah!
(C/G)Silent night! [Silent night!] Holy (D9/F#)night!
(G)All is (E7/G#)calm,(E7+5/G#)-(G#dim)-(Am)all is (Gm7)bri-(C9)ight
(F)Round yon (Dm7)vir(D#dim)gin (C/E)mother and (C9/E)Child,
[(Bb/D)Ho(C7/E)ly (F)Child!]
(F)Holy (Gsus4/F)Infant,
(G9/F)So (Em7)tender and (Amsus4)mi-(Am7/G#)ild.
(Dm)Sleep in (G#dim)heavenly (Am)pe-(D9)eace,
(C/G)Sleep in (Gsus4)heaven(G)ly (C)peace. [Heavenly (D7/C)peace!]
(Dm7)Sleep in (G)heaven(G#dim)ly (Am)pe-(D13+11)eace.
(C/G)Sleep in (G)heavenly (C)peace. [Heavenly (G)pe-(F)eace!]
(C/G)Sleep in (G)heavenly (F/G)peace. (Am)-(F)-(C/G)-(D7/F#)
(C/G)Sleep in (G)heavenly (F)peace.(C)

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