Album: HEAVEN'S MAGIC  |  Song lyrics to: GIVE A LITTLE, GET A LOT

Lead Vocal: Russel Alan Pratt
Music & Lyrics: Russel Alan Pratt


Hey there brother, why so sad?
You look like you lost
The only friend you ever had.
I got something for you,
Gonna make you smile,
A little bit of advice
If you'll just stop for awhile,
You've got to...

Give a little to get a lot.
If you want to be happy
You've got to give it all you've got.
Once you start givin'
You'll never want to stop,
'Cause if you give a little you get a lot.

You can talk about money
Or sliver or gold
But I'm talkin' 'bout something
That can't be bought or sold - Whao, whao
True love within you,
You just can't hide [you can't hide]

'Cause it means so much to people
Who got nothing inside,
When you got some love, you...

[Repeat chorus]

[Musical Interlude:]
[Three times]

[Repeat chorus]

You might be wond'rin' where to start,
But the first thing that you gotta do
Is let love in your heart [in your heart].
It comes so easy once you let it in.
And you know you'll be so happy
When you find it's no sin,
But when you got some love, you...

[Repeat chorus]


"GIVE A LITTLE, GET A LOT" (with chords)

(A)-(G)-(D)-(E)-(D)-(A)[Four times]

(A)Hey (G)there (D)brother, (E)why (D)so (A)sad?
(A)You look (G)like you (D)lost
The only (E)friend you (D)ever (A)had.
(A)I got (G)something (D)for you,
Gonna (E)make (D)you (A)smile,
A (A)little (G)bit of ad(D)vice
If you'll just (E)stop for (D)a(A)while,
You've got to...

(A)Give (G)a (D)little to (E)get (D)a (A)lot.
(A)If you (G)want to be (D)happy
You've got to (E)give it (D)all you've (A)got.
(A)Once (G)you start (D)givin'
You'll (E)never (D)want to (A)stop,
'Cause if you (A)give (G)a (D)little you (E)get (D)a (A)lot.

(F#m)You can talk about (Bm)money
Or (C#m)sliver (Bm)or (A)gold
(F#m)But I'm talkin' 'bout (Bm)something
That can't (C#m)be (Bm)bought or (A)sold - Whao, whao
(F#m)True love with(Bm)in you,
You (C#m)just (Bm)can't (A)hide [you can't hide]

'Cause it (F#m)means so much to (Bm)people
Who got (A)nothing in(Dsus2)side,
When you got some love, you...

[Repeat chorus]

[Musical Interlude:]
(F#m)-(Bm)-(C#m)-(Bm)-(A)[Three times]

[Repeat chorus]

(F#m)You might be (Bm)wond'rin' (C#m)where (Bm)to (A)start,
But the (F#m)first thing that you (Bm)gotta do
Is let (C#m)love in (Bm)your (A)heart [in your (F#m)heart].
It comes so (Bm)easy once you (C#m)let (Bm)it (A)in.
And you (F#m)know you'll be so (Bm)happy
When you (A)find it's no (Dsus2)sin,
But when you got some love, you...

[Repeat chorus]

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