Album: HEAVEN'S MAGIC  |  Song lyrics to: I'LL TAKE THE MOUNTAIN

Lead Vocal: Michael Fogarty
Music: Michael Fogarty
Lyrics: A. Gilligan


I'll take the mountain!
Leaving the valley behind.
Crowded cities I will flee,
For mountain's majesty!

In the dark, the valley lies.
Sleepy people there, don't realize,
The sun is shining, on the mountain bright.
If they really wanted
They could have so much light!

[Repeat chorus]

-And if the way, seems rough and rugged,
But the Truth, the Truth you seek,
You'll leave behind that dreary valley,
And you'll make it to that thrilling peak!

Don't look back, just look ahead.
Leave far behind that which is dead.
On the mountain, new life you'll find.
Following the Son
In His Light you'll shine!

[Repeat chorus twice]

For mountain's majesty!


"I'LL TAKE THE MOUNTAIN" (with chords)

(G)I'll take the (C/G)moun(G)tain!
Leaving the (F)valley be(C/G)hind.
(G)Crowded cities I will (C)flee,
(G)For (F)mountain's (C)majes(G)ty!

[Musical Break:]

(Em)In the (C)dark, (G)the (D)valley lies.
(Em)Sleepy (C)people there, (G)don't rea(D)lize,
(C)The sun is (G)shining, (C)on the mountain (G)bright.
(Am)If they (Bm)really (C)wanted(Am)-(Bm)-(C)
(Am)They (Bm)could have (C)so much light!

[Repeat chorus]

(F)-(C)And (G)if the (C)way, seems rough and (G)rugged,
But the (C)Truth, the Truth you (D)seek,
You'll leave be(C)hind that dreary (G)valley,
(Em)And you'll make it (C)to that thrilling (D)peak!

(Em)Don't look (C)back, (G)just look a(D)head.
(Em)Leave (C)far behind (G)that which is (D)dead.
(C)On the (G)mountain, (C)new life you'll (G)find.
(Am)Follow(Bm)ing the (C)Son (Am)-(Bm)-(C)
(Am)In (Bm)His (C)Light you'll shine!

[Repeat chorus twice]

(G)For mountain's (C/G)majes(G)ty!

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