Album: HEAVEN'S MAGIC  |  Song lyrics to: LOVE AIN'T TRYING TO BE

Lead Vocal: Mike Fischer
Music & Lyrics: Stephen Reid



Love ain't tryin' to be
Something you're not, my friend
Love ain't tryin' to be
Someone ya think you've got to pretend.
Love ain't bulidin' a World
Of all the things that money brings,
Love ain't bulidin' walls
Of phony smiles and plastic things.

Love is somethin' free,
Much bigger than you or me,
Love is somethin' real
That ya only see and feel,
Like reachin' for the sun
And passin' it on.

Love ain't tryin' to abide
By a great long list of rules,
Love ain't tryin' to hide
Behind the game of playin' it cool.
Love ain't holdin' back
When there's so much more to give,
Love ain't turnin' your back
On those who only wanna live.

[Repeat chorus twice]


"LOVE AIN'T TRYING TO BE" (with chords)

Intro: (D)-(G)[Four times]

(D)Love ain't tryin' to (G)be
Some(D)thing you're not, my (G)friend
(D)Love ain't tryin' to (G)be
Someone ya (D)think you've got to pre(A)tend.
(D)Love ain't bulidin' a (G)World
Of all the (D)things that money (G)brings,
(D)Love ain't bulidin' (G)walls
Of phony (D)smiles and plastic (A)things.

(G)Love is somethin' (D)free,
Much (G)bigger than you or (D)me,
(G)Love is somethin' (D)real
That ya (G)only see and (D)feel,
Like (G)reachin' (Em)for the (A)sun
And passin' it (D)on.(G)-(D)-(G)

(D)Love ain't tryin' to a(G)bide
By a (D)great long list of (G)rules,
(D)Love ain't tryin' to (G)hide
Behind the (D)game of playin' it (A)cool.
(D)Love ain't holdin' (G)back
When there's (D)so much more to (G)give,
(D)Love ain't turnin' your (G)back
On those who (D)only wanna (A)live.

[Repeat chorus twice]


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