Album: ON LOVE WE'LL SAIL  |  Song lyrics to: BLUNDERS OF THE MIND

Lead Vocal: Florence Bjerregaard
Music & Lyrics: Per Bjerregaard, Steven


So many times I say I'm sorry,
So many times I just fall short of words to say.
Though many times you've see me crying,
We both know our love will never give up trying.

They're just blunders of the mind,
I don't mean to be unkind,
They're just blunders of the mind anyway,
But the heart's okay.

Can love grow old and turn to jealousy and sorrow,
Which makes you feel you cannot live until tomorrow?
To keep it young you have to give it all away,
And not to worry will it last another day?

I've learned that love it is forever
[It is forever],
And endures all stormy weather
[Endures all stormy weather].
It covers all the faults in you and me,
God's Love can set you free.

Chorus two:
Oh these blunders of the mind
[Blunders of the mind],
I don't mean to be unkind
[Don't mean to be unkind].
They're just blunders of the mind anyway,
But the heart's okay.


"BLUNDERS OF THE MIND" (with chords)

Capo: 5th fret


(C)So many (Em/B)times I say I'm (Am)sorry(Am/G),
(F)So many (G)times I just fall (C)short of words to (F)sa(G)y.
(C)Though many (Em/B)times you've see me (Am)crying(Am/G),
(F)We both (G)know our love will (C)never give up (F)try(G)ing.

(F)They're just (G)blunders of the (C)mind(C7),
(F)I don't (G)mean to be un(C)kind(C7),
(F)They're just (G)blunders of the (Em)mind any(Am)way(Am/G),
(F)But the (G)heart's o(C)kay.

[Musical Interlude:]

(C)Can love grow (Em/B)old and turn to (Am)jealousy and (Am/G)sorrow,
(F)Which makes you (G)feel you cannot (C)live until to(F)mor(G)row?
(C)To keep it (Em/B)young you have to (Am)give it all a(Am/G)way,
(F)And not to (G)worry will it (C)last another (F)day(G)?

(F)I've learned that (G)love it is for(C)ever
[(C7)It is for(F)ever],
And en(G)dures all stormy (C)weather
[En(C7)dures all stormy (F)weather].
It (G)covers all the (Em)faults in you and (Am)me(Am/G),
(F)God's (G)Love can set you (C)free(C7).

Chorus two:
(F)Oh these (G)blunders of the (C)mind
[(C7)Blunders of the (F)mind],
I don't (G)mean to be un(C)kind
[Don't (C7)mean to be un(F)kind].
They're just (G)blunders of the (Em)mind any(Am)way(Am/G),
(F)But the (G)heart's o(C)kay.


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