Album: SAY I LOVE YOU  |  Song lyrics to: I BELIEVE

Lead Vocal: Theresa Alexander
Music & Lyrics: Paul Michael


I belie-ve
The sun will shine aga-in
And that the storm will e-nd
When You retu-rn.
I belie-ve
With all my heart and so-ul
Someday the World will know
That You are the King!

We'll be free from hatred,
Sorrow and strife,
Freed with love and with life.
Your love will not fail to conquer all
When the sunshine is ending the night.

Every eye shall see You,
Every tongue shall proclaim.
Every knee shall bow down at Your Name.
Though the World doesn't know You now,
They will when they see You again.

[Repeat chorus]


"I BELIEVE" (with chords)

Intro: (E)

I be(A)lie(C#m)-(D)ve
(E)The sun will (A)shine aga(C#m)-(D)in
(E)And that the (A)storm will e(C#m)-(D)nd
When (E)You re(A)tu(C#m)-(D)rn.
(E)I be(A)lie(C#m)-(D)ve
(E)With all my (A)heart and so(C#m)-(D)ul
(E)Someday the (A)World will kno(C#m)w
(D)That (E)You are the (A)King!

(A7)We'll be (D)free from hatred,
(F#m)Sorrow and strife,
(D)Freed with love and with (F#m)life.
Your (D)love will not fail to (C#m)conquer all
When the (G)sunshine is ending the (E)night.

[Musical Break:]
(A)-(C#m)-(D)-(E)[Three times]

Every (D)eye shall see You,
Every (F#m)tongue shall proclaim.
Every (D)knee shall bow down at Your (F#m)Name.
(D)Though the World doesn't (C#m)know You now,
They (G)will when they see You a(E)gain.

[Repeat chorus]

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