Album: SAY I LOVE YOU  |  Song lyrics to: YOU ARE EVERYTHING TO ME

Lead Vocal: Florence Bjerregaard
Music & Lyrics: Per Bjerregaard


The love You've given me changed my life.
Now I know You really care.
And when others I see,
With them this love I want to share.
Lord, when I think of You
And all You've done for me
And how Your love has set me free.

I want to give my all and go on
To the light of a brighter day,
And tho' sometimes I fall You pick me up
And You help me on my way.
And show me how to live
By teaching me to give,
Give love unselfishly.

You are everything to me,
Your love unfolded a mystery.
I never saw such simplicity.
In Your arms, Lord, I found all I need.

The day You had to choose to sacrifice
Your life, You freely gave,
You weren't afraid to lose.
You paid the price so others could be saved.
You took away the tears that haunted me for years.
I kiss You through my tears.

[Repeat chorus three times]

"YOU ARE EVERYTHING TO ME" (with chords)

Intro: (C)

(C)The love You've given (Em)me changed my (F)life.
Now I (G)know You really (C)care.
And when others I (Em)see,
With (F)them this (G)love I want to (Dm)share.
Lord, (Dm/C)when I think of (G)You
(Em)And all You've done for (Am)me
(F)And how Your love has set me (G)free.

(C)I want to give my (Em)all and go (F)on
To the (G)light of a brighter (C)day,
And tho' sometimes I (Em)fall You pick me (F)up
And You (G)help me on my (Dm)way.
And (Dm/C)show me how to (G)live
(Em)By teaching me to (Am)give,
(F)Give love unselfish(G)ly.

You are (C)every(F)thing to (G)me,
Your love un(C)folded a (F)myste(G)ry.
I never (C)saw such sim(F)plici(G)ty.
In Your (C)arms, Lord, I (F)found all I (G)need.

(C)The day You had to (Em)choose to sacri(F)fice
Your (G)life, You freely (C)gave,
You weren't afraid to (Em)lose.
You paid the (F)price so (G)others could be (Dm)saved.
You (Dm/C)took away the (G)tears (Em)that haunted me for (Am)years.
(F)I kiss You through my (G)tears.

[Repeat chorus three times]

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