Album: TOUCH OF LOVE  |  Song lyrics to: YOU STILL MOVE ME

Music & Lyrics: Michael Fridley


We've been together such a long time,
But deep inside I still feel the same
As the day when I first kissed you,
And you softly spoke my name.

From the first time that I gazed
Into your warm and dreamy eyes,
My heart has belonged to you,
Honey, don't you realize:

You still move me,
From the Earth into the Heavens.
You still lift me,
High into the clouds above.
You still thrill me,
For you've filled my life with meaning,
And you've shown me
That the most important thing in life is Love.

I've heard of many a romance
That grew cold as time went on,
And they lost that certain magic,
That at first had been so strong.
But this love you've brought from Heaven
Never grows old nor fades away,
It's love that's everlasting,
And it grows stronger everyday!

[Repeat chorus two times]

That the most important thing in life is Love.


"YOU STILL MOVE ME" (with chords)


We've been to(C)gether such a (Em)long time,
But deep in(F)side I still feel the (C)same
As the (Am)day when I first (Em)kissed you,
And you (F)softly spoke my (Gsus4)name.(G)

From the (C)first time that I (Em)gazed
Into your (F)warm and dreamy (C)eyes,
(Am)My heart has be(Em)longed to you,
Honey, (F)don't you rea(G)lize:

You still (Am)move me,
From the (F)Earth into the (G)Heavens.
You still (Am)lift me,
High in(F)to the clouds a(G)bove.
You still (Am)thrill me,
For you've (F)filled my life with (G)meaning,
And you've (Am)shown me
That the (F)most im(C/E)portant (Dm)thing in (C)life is (Gsus4)Lo(G)ve.

I've heard of (C)many a ro(Em)mance
That grew (F)cold as time went (C)on,
And they (Am)lost that certain (Em)magic,
That at (F)first had been so (Gsus4)strong(G).
But this (C)love you've brought from (Em)Heaven
Never grows (F)old nor fades a(C)way,
It's (Am)love that's ever(Em)lasting,
And it grows (F)stronger every(G)day!

[Repeat chorus two times]

That the (F)most im(C/E)portant (Dm)thing in (C)life is Lo(F)-(C/E)-(Dm)-(C)ve.

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