Album: WITH LOVE FOREVER  |  Song lyrics to: SUNLIGHT

Lead Vocal: Shelly
Music & Lyrics: Naaman


It's so hard when you're alone,
To find a reason to be livin'.
But if you give it all away,
You'll find there's something to believe in.

How I long to make you happy,
And how I wish for you to be free.
Just let the love that He would
Put within you, shine like the sunlight
In your eyes.

And as I watch you walk away,
I wonder where you'll be tomorrow?
And all the things that we shared today,
Oh, will you let them fill up all your sorrow?

[Repeat chorus]

Shine like the sunlight in your,
Shine like the sunlight in your,
Shine like the sunlight in your eyes.


"SUNLIGHT" (with chords)


(G)It's so (G/F#)hard when you're a(Em)lone,
(C)To find a (D)reason to be (G)livin'.
(C)-(G)But if you (G/F#)give it all a(Em)way,
(C)You'll find there's (D)something to be(G)lieve in.

(C)How I (D)long to make you (G)happy,
(C)And how I (D)wish for you to be (G)free.
(C)Just let the (D)love that He would
(Bm)Put within (Em)you, (C)shine like the (D)sunlight
In your (G)eyes.

(C)-(G)And as I (G/F#)watch you walk a(Em)way,
(C)I wonder (D)where you'll be to(G)morrow?
(C)-(G)And all the (G/F#)things that we shared to(Em)day,
(C)Oh, will you let them (D)fill up all your (G)sorrow?

[Repeat chorus]

(C)Shine like the (D)sunlight in your,
(Bm)Shine like the (Em)sunlight in your,
(C)Shine like the (D)sunlight in your (G)eyes.

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