Album: BIBLE BONANZA  |  Song lyrics to: ENDTIME RAP

Music & Lyrics: Phil T.


All through time and down through the ages
We've been told by wise men, the prophets and the sages
About a time when this world ends
With great destruction upon evil men.

Sad man's governments are too unfair,
Their confusion and pollution, it just gets in God's hair.
He's gonna come down and blow 'em all away,
His Son's brand new Kingdom's goin' His way.
It's about the Endtime, and I'm tellin' you
It's all over the Bible, yeah man, it's true!
Read it and believe it and get in the know
We're gonna rap it to ya, it's the Endtime show!

This know also that in the Last Days
Perilous times shall come, shall come.
This know also that in the Last Days
Perilous times shall come, shall come.
Second Timothy 3:1, 3:1.
Second Timothy 3:1, 3:1.

All right! Woah!

First John 2:18, I said,
First John 2:18.
Little children, it is the last time, I said
Little children, it is the last time,
And as you have heard, the AC shall come,
The AC [who's he?], hey, the Antichrist.
Even now the AC commits crime
Whereby we know that it is the last time.

Matthew 16:3 [I say what?]
Matthew 16:3.
And if and in the morning it will be foul weather today, today,
For the sky is red and lowering.
Ye hypocrites, ye hypocrites,
Ye can discern the face of the sky,
The sky, the sky so high, so high,
But can ye not discern the signs of the times,
The signs of the times?
Are you blind, are you blind?

Matthew 24:3, [I said]
Matthew 24:3.
And as He sat upon the mount, the mount of Olives,
His disciples came unto Him privately, saying,
"Tell us, tell us when shall these things be,
And when shall be the sign of Thy coming
And of the end of the world?"

"Take heed, don't be deceived.
False prophets shall rise,
Many will believe 'em.
You'll see wars [wars], famine [famine], earthquakes all around,
Great tribulation before ya hear the trumpet sound.
Like a lightning's flash across the sky
I'll appear and catch ya up in the twinklin' of an eye."

Wrap it up!
If you're sorry what will happen, what's in store,
We're been rapping you a few-there are hundreds more.
But don't be worried, don't be scared,
Just be wise, open your eyes,
Memorize & be prepared.
Wanna say that again?
Just be wise, open your eyes,
Memorize and be [and be] prepared.

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