Album: BIBLE BONANZA  |  Song lyrics to: MARY AND MARTHA

Music & Lyrics: Jeremy Spencer


Verse 1
Martha in the kitchen, serving with her hands,
Occupied for Jesus with her pots and pans.
Loving Him, yet fervered, burdened to the brim
Careful, troubled Martha, occupied for Him.

Verse 2
Mary on the footstool, eyes upon her Lord,
Occupied with Jesus, drinking in His Word.
This one thing is needful, all is strangely dim;
Loving, resting Mary, occupied with Him.

So may we be like Mary, choose the better part:
Eyes upon His face, giving Him first place,
Treasuring His words within our heart.

Verse 3
Spending time with Jesus in communion sweet,
Learning from His wisdom, sitting at His feet.

Repeat Chorus twice

Treasuring His words within our heart.


"MARY AND MARTHA" (with chords)

Intro: (C)-(Dm)-(C)-(F)-(Dm)-(C)-(Dm)-(G) (C)-(Dm)-(C)-(F)-(Dm)-(C)-(Dm)-(G)

Verse 1
(C)Martha in the (Dm)kitchen, (C)serving with her (F)hands,
(Dm)Occupied for (C)Jesus (F)with her pots and (G)pans.
(C)Loving Him, yet (Dm)fervered, (C)burdened to the (F)brim
(Dm)Careful, troubled (C)Martha, (Dm)occu(G)pied for (C)Him.

Verse 2
(C)Mary on the (Dm)footstool,(C) eyes upon her (F)Lord,
(Dm)Occupied with (C)Jesus, (F)drinking in His (G)Word.
(C)This one thing is (Dm)needful, (C)all is strangely (F)dim;
(Dm)Loving, resting (C)Mary, (Dm)occu(G)pied with (C)Him.

So (G)may we be like (C)Mary, (Dm)choose the (G)better (C)part:
(Dm)Eyes upon His (G)face, (Em)giving Him first (Am)place,
(Dm)Treasuring His (G)words within our (C)heart.


Verse 3
(C)Spending time with (Dm)Jesus (C)in communion (F)sweet,
(Dm)Learning from His (C)wisdom, (F)sitting (G)at His (C)feet.

Repeat Chorus twice

(Dm)Treasuring His (G)words within our (C)heart.


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