Album: COLORING THE WORLD  |  Song lyrics to: THE RAIN SONG

Lead Vocal: John Listen
Music & Lyrics: Cathy Gehr


[Play it, man!]
Ba ba ya, ba ba ya. Ba ba ya,
[Come on, children!] ba ba ya.

Listen to the sound of the falling rain,
Hear the pitter patter on my window pane.
Welcome, little raindrops coming down,
Watering the trees and the thirsty ground.

[Repeat Chorus]

The rain makes everything so clean,
It fills the rivers, lakes and streams;
It gives the Earth the drink it needs
To grow our food from tiny seeds.

[Repeat Chorus]

If you live in a Northern clime,
The rain will turn into snow sometimes;
And in the South may be lots of rain,
Or not a drop on a dusty plain.

Paya paya pa pa pa pa pa paya,
paya paya pa pa pa pa ya.
Pa paya paya pa pa pa pa pa paya,
paya paya pa pa pa pa ya.

We need water to house the fishes,
To wash the laundry and dirty dishes.
We need water to drink and bathe in,
And it's really lots of fun to swim in.

[Repeat Chorus]

We'll be glad for a rainy day,
Even if it means inside we stay.
Thank God for water in so many ways,
Because we use it every single day!

[Repeat Chorus]

---[Yeah, man!] ---


"THE RAIN SONG" (with chords)

(F#)-(B)-(F#)-(B)-(F#)-(B)-(F#)-(B)[Play it, man!]
(F#)Ba ba (B)ya, (F#)ba ba (B)ya. (F#)Ba ba (B)ya,
[Come on, children!] (F#)ba ba (B)ya.

Listen to the (F#)sound of the falling (B)rain,
Hear the pitter (F#)patter on my (E)window (B)pane.
Welcome, little (F#)raindrops coming (B)down,
Watering the (F#)trees and the thirsty (B)ground.

[Repeat Chorus]

The rain makes (F#)every(E)thing so (B)clean,
It fills the (F#)rivers, (E)lakes and (B)streams;
It gives the (F#)Earth the (E)drink it (B)needs
To grow our (F#)food from (E)tiny (B)seeds.

[Repeat Chorus]

If you (F#)live in a (E)Northern (B)clime,
The rain will (F#)turn into (E)snow some(B)times;
And in the (F#)South may be (E)lots of (B)rain,
Or not a (F#)drop on a (E)dusty (B)plain.

Paya paya (F#)pa pa pa pa (B)pa paya,
paya paya (F#)pa pa pa pa (B)ya.
Pa paya paya (F#)pa pa pa pa (B)pa paya,
paya paya (F#)pa pa pa pa (B)ya.

We need (F#)water to (E)house the (B)fishes,
To wash the (F#)laundry and (E)dirty (B)dishes.
We need (F#)water to (E)drink and (B)bathe in,
And it's (F#)really lots of (E)fun to (B)swim in.

[Repeat Chorus]

We'll be (F#)glad for a rainy (B)day,
Even if it (F#)means inside we (B)stay.
Thank God for (F#)water in so many (B)ways,
Because we (F#)use it every single (B)day!

[Repeat Chorus]

(F#)-(B)-(F#)-(B)[Yeah, man!] (F#)-(B)-(F#)-(B)

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