Album: FUN TO LEARN  |  Song lyrics to: MEALTIME RAP

Lead Vocal: Peter Gehr
Music: Peter Gehr
Lyrics: Cathy Gehr, Peter Gehr
Producer: Peter Gehr


May I have some soup, please?
Thank you very much!
It is still a bit too hot-
A bit too hot to touch!
Now that it has cooled a bit,
I eat it with my spoon.
I'm careful not to slurp, or burp,
Or eat like a baboon!
May I please have some vegetables?
Thank you! They taste nice!
May I please have some water?
And could you please pass the rice?
Meal time is a happy time
If I don't pout or whine.
I'm so thankful for my food,
And I show my gratitude
By saying grace, eating politely,
Not doing things that are unsightly.
When I chew my food, I close my mouth,
Sit up straight, don't slump or slouch.
If there's food that doesn't suit you,
You can simply say, "No thank you!
For there are children without food,
So have a thankful attitude!

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