Album: GREAT ADVENTURES 1  |  Song lyrics to: THE BIBLE

Music & Lyrics: Cathy Gehr


The Bible, the Bible, the Word of God for me;
The Bible, the Bible is the Truth and Victory!

I've read an exciting Book,
So adventurous and true.
They say it's a real old Book,
But for me it's all brand new.
There's history and poetry
And prophecy for you in...

[Repeat Chorus]

I've read an exciting Book,
And I hope you'll read it too.
It gives me the answers
When I don't know what to do.
It tells me that God is Love,
And there's lots of love for you in...

[Repeat Chorus]

The Bible!


"THE BIBLE" (with chords)

The (C)Bible, the (Em)Bible, the (F)Word of God for (G)me;
The (C)Bible, the (Em)Bible is the (F)Truth and Victo(G)ry!

(C)I've read an ex(Dm)citing Book,
So ad(F)venturous and (G)true.
(C)They say it's a (Dm)real old Book,
But for (F)me it's all brand (G)new.
(C)There's history and (C/Bb)poetry
And (F/A)prophecy for (G)you in...

[Repeat Chorus]

(C)I've read an ex(Dm)citing Book,
And I (F)hope you'll read it (G)too.
(C)It gives me the (Dm)answers
When I (F)don't know what to (G)do.
(C)It tells me that (C/Bb)God is Love,
And there's (F/A)lots of love for (G)you in...

[Repeat Chorus]

The (C)Bible!

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