Album: GREAT ADVENTURES 2  |  Song lyrics to: BRAVE DANIEL

Music & Lyrics: Unknown
Lyrics Co-Author: Cathy Gehr


Daniel, brave Daniel, was a man of prayer!
Daniel, brave Daniel, God kept him in His care.

Daniel prayed and he wasn't afraid
Of the king's decree.
He called his friends and he prayed with them,
"Lord, show the king's dream to me."
Daniel stood before the king
And told the king the truth,
"I know your dream and I'll tell you what it means,
God showed it to me too."

[Repeat Chorus]

Daniel prayed and he wasn't afraid,
He didn't think of fear.
He bowed his head and he talked to God
With all the lions near.
In the morning when the Sun came up,
The king called, "Daniel, are you there?"
Daniel shouted from the lions' den,
"God kept me in His care!"

[Repeat Chorus twice]

Daniel, brave Daniel, brave Daniel!


"BRAVE DANIEL" (with chords)

Intro: (D)-(C)-(G)-(A)two times

(D)Daniel, brave (C)Daniel, (G)was a man of (A)prayer!
(D)Daniel, brave (C)Daniel, God (G)kept him in His (A)care.

(D)Daniel prayed and he (C)wasn't afraid
(G)Of the king's de(A)cree.
He (D)called his friends and he (C)prayed with them,
"Lord, (G)show the king's dream to (A)me."
(D)Daniel (A/C#)stood be(G)fore the (D)king
And (G)told the king the (A)truth,
"I (D)know your (A/C#)dream and I'll (Bm)tell you what it (D)means,
God (G)showed it to me (A)too."

[Repeat Chorus]

(D)Daniel prayed and he (C)wasn't afraid,
He (G)didn't think of (A)fear.
He (D)bowed his head and he (C)talked to God
With (G)all the lions (A)near.
(D)In the (A/C#)morning when the (G)Sun came (D)up,
The (G)king called, "Daniel, are you (A)there?"
(D)Daniel (A/C#)shouted from the (Bm)lions' (D)den,
"God (G)kept me in His (A)care!"

[Repeat Chorus twice]

(D)Daniel, brave (C)Daniel, brave (D)Daniel!

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