Album: GREAT ADVENTURES 2  |  Song lyrics to: RUN WITH TORCHES

Music & Lyrics: Traditional


Run with torches to light the dim stable;
Run with torches, good villagers, run!
Christ is born, O come and adore Him.
Mary calls you, kneel before Him.

Come, come, come and behold the Child;
Come, come, come and see Christ, the Lord.

Tell the others to hurry to greet Him;
Tell the others to come to His side.
One and all as you come and adore Him;
Quietly, quietly kneel before Him.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Repeat Chorus twice]

Come and behold the Child,
Come, come, come and see Christ the Lord.
Come and see Christ the Lord!


"RUN WITH TORCHES" (with chords)

Capo: 1st Fret


(D)Run with torches to (A)light the dim (D)stable;
Run with torches, good (A)villagers, (D)run!
(F#m)Christ is born, O (Bm)come and a(G)dore Him.
(Em)Mary (D)calls you, (G)kneel be(A)fore Him.

(D)Come, (A)come, (D)come and be(A/C#)hold the (Bm)Chi(A)ld;
(G)Come, (A)come, (Bm)come and see (A/C#)Christ, the (D)Lord.

(D)Tell the others to (A)hurry to (D)greet Him;
Tell the others to (A)come to His (D)side.
(F#m)One and all as you (Bm)come and a(G)dore Him;
(Em)Quietly, (D)quietly (G)kneel be(A)fore Him.

[Repeat Chorus]

Musical Interlude:

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Repeat Chorus twice]

(D)Come and be(A/C#)hold the (Bm)Chi(A)ld,
(G)Come, (A)come, (Bm)come and see (A/C#)Christ the (D)Lord.
Come and see (A)Christ the (D)Lord!

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