Album: LIKE TO DANCE  |  Song lyrics to: FANTASTIC FRIENDS

Lead Vocal: Roberto Fernandez
Music & Lyrics: Cathy Gehr
Producer: John Freeman

"FANTASTIC FRIENDS" (with chords)

Capo: 1st fret
Intro: (D-G-A) four times

We’re a(D)team of Fan(G)tas(D)tic(A)Friends, on the(C)lookout for(G)ways to help eve(A)ryone!
Sing a(D)long, Fan(G)tas(D)tic(A)Friends! There are(C)so many(G)good things that need(A)to be done!

(Em)We(F#m)can(Gmaj7)be(A)today a(Em)help(F#m)in(Gmaj7)a(A)ny way!
(Em)Hip,(F#m)Hip! Hur(G)ray!(A7sus4)The Fantastic(D)Friends!(G)We’re Fan(A)tastic(D)Friends!


(D-G-A) 2 more times

Repeat Verse / Repeat Chorus

(G)The Fan(A)tastic(D)Friends!(G)We’re Fan(A)tastic(D)Friends! (G-A)

(D-G-A) Repeat and fade

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